| February 21, 2018

The Master Torah Concept

Making Your Torah Yours!

How many of us have spent years involved in Torah study, and yet cannot say that we have mastered what we have learned? How many of us dream of beginning our Torah endeavors today, but feel that we no longer have the time, environment, and structure to do so?


Every Jew can ultimately know and master Kol HaTorah Kulah (the entire Torah). Chazal (our Sages) testify: "The Crown of Priesthood was taken by Aaron; the Crown of Kingship was taken by David; but the Crown of Torah is prepared and ready for all Israel" (Avos d'Rebbi Nosson 41, Rambam Hilchos Talmud Torah 3:1). The key is to show true dedication, and to follow the structure that our sages mapped out for us. Master Torah aims to facilitate this.


Truly make Torah your own. That is the goal. No tricks, no shortcuts or “learning the whole Torah on one foot.” Torah takes effort, as Chazal tell us: "If someone says I toiled but did not find (results), do not believe him. If he says I found but did not work, do not believe him. If he says I toiled and I found, believe him" (Megillah 6b). Most people do not employ the most effective method for learning or for retaining what they learn; they have not "toiled" in the manner that Chazal intended when they guaranteed results.


What method does the Torah prescribe for mastering Torah?
1) Initial Acquisition: “A person should always teach to his student in the most concise manner possible” (Pesachim 3a). “Open your mouth, and read Torah (aloud)! Open your mouth, and learn Mishna (aloud)! This way your learning will endure, and you will live long”  (Eruvin 54a).
2) Immediate Review: The Talmud (Eruvin 54a) relates that when the Jewish People learned Torah from Moshe in the desert, each individual remained present to hear the lesson no less than 4 times! Our Amoraim (great sages of the Talmud) would immediately review what they had learned, even forty times (Berachos 28a, Pesachim 72a, Megillah 7b, Kesubos 22b). 
3) Regular, Continuous Review: Even then, they would only deem their learning "as if in their pocket" (ibid.). Just as one continually checks his pockets to make sure his money is still there, so too the diligent student or teacher must continually review what he has learned (Vilna Gaon).


This is the uniqueness of Master Torah. Following the timeless wisdom of our Sages, the Master Torah program has developed the structure to help you:
1) Learn clear p'shat (basic understanding) of the Tanach, Mishna, Talmud Bavli, and Rambam.
2) Effectively review and retain material in a systematic, organized way.
3) Develop a long-term cyclical review of all previously learned material.


Your learning program starts by listening to (or viewing) a Master Torah shiur. Master Torah now provides over 6000 shiurim (classes) on Tanach, Mishna, Talmud Bavli, and Rambam, with new shiurim being added constantly. Each one of the shiurim is given by Rav Meir Pogrow, a master educator and the founder of Master Torah. Rav Pogrow provides succinct yet clear introductions to each new topic or concept, and then presents the new text in a clear, concise and organized fashion. Listen either on this website, or after downloading as an MP3 or a Quicktime video.


Then, immediately review what you have learned, inside the text. For Tanach, Mishna and Rambam, comprehensive questions are also available on the website, to guide you through the material and help ensure that you have a clear and correct understanding of the p'shat.


The next step is dedicated and consistent chazara (review). All Master Torah programs set aside time for "back review." This rapid-pace, continuous review of all the Torah you have learned through our program, ensures that your learning will always be at your fingertips. Master Torah also offers comprehensive review tests to reinforce and solidify your learning. Please check each of the individual programs for detailed schedules and instructions.

Tanach Program                              Mishna Program

Talmud Program                              Rambam Program


This is not a theoretical idea. This is the method prescribed by Chazal, and it is already being implemented by more than four thousand Jews around the world, including many teachers and students who use Master Torah resources in their classrooms and shiurim! Come join the Master Torah family and become one the privileged who can say, "All my bones utter it" (Tehillim 35:10), and that "his studies are in the palm of his hand" (Bava Basra 10b). Is this possible? Is Torah success guaranteed? Of course! The Torah emphatically says, "[Torah] is very close at hand, it is with your mouth and your heart that you can accomplish it" (Devarim 30:14).