| February 21, 2018

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The "know Shas in the palm of your hand" program. Want to remember your daily Gemara learning - for more than just a day? Find out how!


The basic building blocks of our Oral Torah. Essential for mastering Talmud. We offer you both basic and in-depth shiurim on the ENTIRE Mishna, 525 perakim! Start today, and YOU can Master Mishnayos.


Organized, clear, complete. The Rambam codifies the entire breadth of Halacha; Master Torah will help you master the entire Rambam, one day at a time. It's all online, just click to begin.


Begin at "The Beginning!" The NEW Master Torah Tanach Program offers you a fresh start at mastering our Written Torah. Learn Chumash by reading aloud, using the same method as the children of Yerushalayim! Start today!

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You too can learn the ENTIRE Torah! Rav Meir Pogrow, Shlita, the founder of Master Torah, has a most ambitious goal: to enable the average layman, not just the elite Torah scholar, to learn and conquer the ENTIRE Torah – Tanach, Mishna, Gemara, and Rambam! As inconceivable as this sounds, he has already seen incredible success with hundreds of students around the world. Thousands of Mishnayos. Hundreds of Blatt Gemara. Sound too amazing to be true? Read More


Master Torah is dedicated to providing thousands of high-quality shiurim for free. Master Torah relies ENTIRELY on the generosity of private donors to facilitate the high level of curriculum and resources it provides. Please consider supporting our efforts by dedicating a day of learning, making a donation, or making an everlasting dedication. Your donation is crucial to enable Master Torah to continue to provide the shiurim, schedules, review questions and tests that have helped so many to master their Torah learning. In addition, you can dedicate the learning of the ENTIRE TALMUD BAVLI, which will be learned PERSONALLY BY Rabbi Pogrow over the course of a year, or the ENTIRE SHISHA SIDREI MISHNA which will be learned over the course of a month. What a fantastic idea for i'luy neshama (merit for the soul) of a loved one, or to commemorate any important occassion!